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AOL account refers to AOL mail account. AOL mail gives its users the liberty to stay connected with their friends and family through a personalized mailing experience. Verizon Communication’s division namely AOL provides AOL mailing services. One can define AOL as an email service based on the web. Alternatively, the service may be referred to as AIM mail. The AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger. Help is the one stop solution for all the problems that arise in your AOL account. You may see the AOL helpline number on your email homepage for any technical query or help

User-friendly steps to create a new AOL account according to help

  1. First, you need to have your desktop or laptop handy with you.
  2. Browse the search engine for AOL mail account signup page.
  3. Select the option that displays ‘Sign-up for a FREE account’ link present there on the homepage.
  4. Fill in your credentials in the information page. Once done, tap on the ‘Let’s create your account’ form. Scroll the page for the ‘Sign Up’ button and tap on it. The web page may require your alternate email address for accomplishing the AOL’s confirmatory mail.
  5. Once done, you will now need to login to your alternate email address. Search for the confirmatory mail from help AOL labeled as the AOL help email.
  6. Tap on the option that displays the text ‘Yes, I made this request’ link highlighted in the AOL help email. Once you tap on the link, it will redirect you to the AOL’s homepage.
  7. Now the web page needs your password. Kindly type in your password to continue further. Select the ‘Sign In’ option displayed there at the bottom. This process helps you to verify and activate your account. Finally, after the verification and mail activation process is accomplished, click ‘OK’ button.

Now you can start using your free AOL account. All these steps are listed by your AOL help desk. You may contact the help desk at registered AOL help phone number or AOL helpline. The AOL help number will be helpful for you at every step.

aol help deskAOL Help Number :: AOL Help Article :: Independent Support

According to the AOL help desk experts, with help AOL you rule out the hustles of common login credentials from multiple users. Your AOL help email will contain the necessary steps for securing your login credentials and also the AOL helpline. Keep the AOL help number handy with you.

The features of AOL account:

The AOL help desk executives lay down the following features at the help

  1. Your free AOL account assures you with spell checking, virus, and spam protection features.
  2. With AOL account you receive up to 25 megabytes of email attachment features.
  3. A robust mail account which facilitates the storage of 1000 new emails, 4000 old emails, and 4000 sent emails. Moreover, if all your emails contain a 25mb attachment, you get a maximum of 250GB storage facilities.
  4. Your free AOL account supports three different kinds of protocols namely POP3, IMAP, and finally SMTP.
  5. Additionally, you receive an AIM panel accompanying a full buddy list. Besides, there are indicators to facilitate you with the process of tracing your online buddies. It also gives you access to sponsored websites shortcuts at your fingertips.

These features are also listed in the help AOL manual. You may receive an AOL help email as a complimentary mail after your account sign up. If you still gamble up, reach the team at their AOL helpline. You may ring at the AOL help number. You may also call the toll-free number provided on this website. The work of the toll-free is to connect you to an independent third-party AOL help phone number. You just have to be sure that you have properly investigated the terms and conditions of this help phone number

AOL Help Desk >> What number of usernames per person is supported by the help AOL platform

According to the AOL help desk executives, AOL mailing platform supports one username per head. It is since the thirtieth day of November 2017; the AOL restricted the additions and restorations of the deleted usernames. The critical thing to keep in mind here is that each time you generate a new username, it will give rise to a separate account and won’t merge it with your existing account. This information is available at help You will be notified about the username in your AOL help email. The users need to be cautious with their AOL username. Once created, the users are forbidden from modifying the existing usernames.

At the time of the initial process of AOL account login, the user generates a username for the first and the last time for that particular account. These usernames are referred to as the master usernames. Before November 30, 2017, the AOL users had complete liberty to generate their secondary usernames and link those with the master usernames. Post-November 30, 2017, the users can only delete the existing usernames. To determine your AOL master username, you need to visit the MyAccount page and sign in there. Once done on your MyAccount dashboard, scroll down till you locate the Username section. There you can find your Master username. In case of any queries, reach the AOL help phone number for technical assistance. The executives of AOL are available for 24/7 at the AOL help number.

AOL Helpline >> How do I know whether my account has been hacked or not

The easiest way to determine whether your account has been hacked or not is to call the AOL help phone number. The AOL help desk executives are ready with help AOL. Alternatively, observe for the following:

  1. In case your account has been hacked, your inbox might be full of the Mailer-Daemon rejection notices.
  2. Your circle might be getting emails from your end without your notice.
  3. You notice that your account folders have been deleted.
  4. There are no critical contacts present in your email address book.
  5. The moment you try to send an email, it gets rejected and bounce back to your inbox with a rejection message.
  6. During the account signing process, you frequently notice that every time you sign in, you will be asked to pass the image challenge.
  7. Your email address book shows the presence of unknown contacts which are not added by you.
  8. You notice any major or minor change in your display name.
  9. Your email signature displays an unfamiliar link.
  10. You are unable to receive any new emails from your circle. Alternatively, the emails are being redirected and saved in a particular saved IM folder.

When you find such traces, it is an alarming sign for you to approach help AOL. If you have any further queries reach the AOL team at their AOL help number.

AOL Help Email >> How to cancel AOL account permanentlyaol helpline

The steps to cancel your AOL mail permanently has been laid down at help AOL. If you wish to cancel or terminate or delete your AOL mail, you need to unsubscribe from the paid or premium subscriptions which are attached to your account. In case you do not have either of the paid or premium versions, consider the following steps for deleting your account.

  1. Visit the page
  2. Tap on My Services
  3. Select subscriptions under My Services
  4. Click the Manage option and then click Cancel.
  5. There might be possibilities that you might receive the following message.
  6. “We apologize that the feature for enabling our users to cancel their username and email address is currently unavailable. We are working diligently to have this feature functioning by July 2018.”
  7. In case, you receive the message as mentioned earlier, kindly visit the page on a later date and proceed further with your account deletion. You may connect with AOL helpline or ask for help

You may find the above indications mentioned in help AOL manual available at AOL help desk. Alternatively, connect with the executives over the call by dialing their AOL help phone number. You may also take the help of our toll-free number provided on this website. It offers the way to reach the best independent third-party AOL help number. The users have to carefully read the terms and conditions provided on this website before contacting the toll-free number.

aol help numberAOL Help Desk >> How to add AOL account recovery email address

It might happen that you could have forgotten to add an alternative email address for quicker account recovery. In this case, AOL help desk is your helping hand. Connect with them at the AOL helpline. The help AOL lays down the following guidelines to facilitate your account recovery process:

  1. Sign in at the security page of your account.
  2. Click the option which displays ‘Add recovery email address.’
  3. Enter your valid and preferential email address in the zone provided for it. Please note, this should be your alternative email address and not the one registered at AOL or your AOL account email address itself.
  4. After you accomplish all the above steps fruitfully, tap the send verification email option displayed on your screen.
  5. You will soon receive the verification email at your registered account recovery email address. The instructions for your account recovery will be systematically arranged in the AOL help email body.

These steps are also listed in the help In case you stumble up, dial the AOL help phone number. Keep the AOL help number handy with you.

AOL Helpline >> How to cancel AOL account premium subscriptionhelp

AOL product central is bundled with abundant options to safeguard your computer. Furthermore, it cures all the existing computer problems which otherwise might slow down your system working functionality. If you are still desirous of canceling your premium account subscription, here is a detailed guideline for you as mentioned in help AOL manual:

  1. Visit the page
  2. Select My Services option and then click Subscriptions.
  3. You will see a list of active plans on your computer. Scroll down to your installed premium plan and select the Manage Option. You will find the Manage Option just beside your premium plan.
  4. Finally, select the option Cancel Billing. The page now asks you for a reason behind premium plan cancellation. Enter your desired reason to cancel the plan. Alternatively, you may choose one from the drop-down menu.
  5. After you are done with everything, click the link at the bottom which indicates Cancel Link.

You will find the above steps listed in the help Alternatively, connect with the customer support team at the AOL help phone number. All the above information shall be a part of your AOL help email. Your AOL help email shall contain the AOL helpline number. Always keep the AOL help phone number handy with you. In case of further help, you have the option to call the toll-free number provided here. It provides the way to connect with the independent third-party AOL help phone number that is specialized in solving all the customer queries. Be sure you have agreed to the terms and conditions existing on this website.