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Do you think you need McAfee help to declutter your system of anything McAfee? Well, you are wrong. Keep McAfee help as your last resort because what we are going to take through below is something that will make your McAfee removal mess easier. Forget calling McAfee support phone number for those petty issues when you can get rid of them on your own.mcafee support number

If you know McAfee support number by heart, then we understand what you feel every time you call McAfee support phone number. Your relationship with McAfee and other anti-virus software programs are no different from those weird blind dates. They all look good for a while in the beginning but as your bond grows, you begin to know each other, and all hell breaks loose.

McAfee does not come free. It turns your laptop hulk into a slow zombie after some time of installation. More so, there are many better anti-virus applications available for free. There is just no point of suffering from a blind date like this forever.

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However, the situation with some of us is quite different. McAfee in some systems is installed by default. But it does not necessarily mean that it is somehow better than those installed later.

Removing McAfee from your computer completely without McAfee help is more difficult than breaking the Da Vinci codes, especially for those who have not done it before. There are always a lot of unwanted things left behind. It sometimes looks like eradicating the menace of the ghosts in the Evil Dead movie series. There is always someone (or something in our case) is left behind. Anyway! If you are tired of calling McAfee support all the time and McAfee support phone number is on the top of your call log always, then this article is for you—those who need McAfee help badly. You may also take the help of the toll-free number provided here in case of some problem. The toll-free would connect you to an independent third-party McAfee support number that can easily resolve your McAfee related issues. Kindly read and agree to the terms and conditions of the website before calling the toll-free number.

mcafee support phone numberMcAfee Help >> Removing McAfee without McAfee Support

One of the best ways to get rid of McAfee with McAfee Support is running its tool. However, it is advisable to first go the control panel way without any McAfee help to remove it completely from your system. So here is what you got to do:

  1. Turn on your PC.
  2. Click on the start button.
  3. Go to the Control Panel.
  4. Click Uninstall a Program button or Add or Remove Programs if you have XP.
  5. Then from the list of the programs, select the program you need to get rid of. It is McAfee in our case. So select the program and click on the uninstall program button.

The process will finish in a while. If it faces some problem or just fails to help you, then do not panic. There is more to go. Please read below.

Guide to Completely Remove McAfee without Calling McAfee Support Phone Number

You are not always required to call the McAfee support number if you wish to remove McAfee from your system. You can do it with McAfee Cleanup tool also. Those who have used this tool swear by this product. McAfee Cleanup tool is available online for free. So check this out.

All right! Windows has changed over a period of time for the good. All those procedures to install and remove programs have gotten even better. They are easy to use now. You don’t need to call McAfee support phone number. So let us go through Windows tools to get rid of McAfee without any McAfee support or McAfee Help.

  1. Click on the start button on Windows 10. You will spot a cog icon at the bottom of the left-hand corner. Click on it or…mcafee support
  2. Search for ‘settings’ and click on the relevant search result.
  3. After that click on the Apps menu.
  4. Now use the search box to search for anything related to McAfee on your personal computer.
  5. Now select the McAfee product to uninstall and hit the uninstall button.
  6. Windows will ask for your confirmation to continue the process. Once you confirm the procedure, then you will be taken through the McAfee uninstaller.
  7. Follow all the instructions, and you will yourself automatically remove McAfee from the windows.

Bingo! You have done it without seeking any assistance from McAfee support number.

So all is gone. At least… that is what you think. However, the reality is far from what you are assuming. Even after removing McAfee without any McAfee support or McAfee Help from the windows, there is a chance of some McAfee crap still roaming around on your system. Here is how to bid them goodbye.

mcafee helpMcAfee Support >> Using the MCPR Tool to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

Okay but this MCPR tool might ask you for a reboot after the end of the operation. So save all your important files and applications before running the MCPR tool.

  1. All right! Step one is to download the latest version of the MCPR You can download it from the McAfee’s website. If facing problem downloading it then just call McAfee support number for assistance.
  2. You will now be required to run the tool. Installation is not really required for this.
  3. Accept the license agreement on the screen. Enter the captcha as requested and click the next button.
  4. Now, wait for a while for the uninstall process to finish.
  5. Once done it will ask you if you want to see the details. You can view the log if you wish to.
  6. As mentioned earlier. You might be asked to reboot your system. If this is so, then you should make sure that you have saved all your important documents.

In case of any problem, you can call McAfee support phone number anytime for assistance.

So guys! With all the tips above, you will now be able to remove McAfee from your system completely. You will not have to look for McAfee help all the time or call McAfee support phone number. Use McAfee support number for even more complicated situations that you might not be able to tackle on your own or which is not covered by us here. Calling McAfee support number is a good deal when there is no other option. There is an alternate option provided on this webpage. The users are free to call the toll-free number anytime. The toll-free would redirect your call to an independent third-party AOL support number that can resolve all the McAfee queries in minutes. Kindly examine the terms and conditions mentioned on this website before using the toll-free number.