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TomTom N.V. is a Dutch multinational creator and developer of consumer electronic and navigation technology founded in 1991 by Corinne Vigreux, Harold Goddjin, Pieter Geelen, and Peter-Frans Pauwels. Its headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Until 1996, it developed business-to-business apps such as bar-code reading and meter reading. Afterward, the TomTom corporation moved its concentration to PDA software for the customers. Its early mapping applications included Citymaps, EnRoute, and RoutePlanner. By 2001, the organization’s concentration shifted to car navigation. In 2004, the first generation of satellite navigation systems was released by TomTom. With regards to TomTom GPS pricing, it comes in three variants, namely, GO Comfort, GO Supreme, and GO Discover. The TomTom GPS pricing for Comfort, Supreme, and Discover are $179.99, $199.99, and $299.99, respectively. This nav system has become highly popular, and thus you can use this guide to resolve all your TomTom-related issues.tomtom.comsupport

All about TomTom Home Download

TomTom navigational system has GPS (global positioning system) software & hardware that is utilized to gather the details regarding streets, roads, and highways in your country. In order to download TomTom maps completely, you need a proper setup of internet connection and computer system. To get TomTom Home downloaded, perform the following steps carefully:

  • Visit the TomTom official site
  • Select ‘Support’ from the top-center and then ‘Support Home’
  • In the search field, input ‘install tomtom home’
  • From the search results, choose ‘Installing TomTom Home’
  • If you have Windows, go to the Windows section and hit on ‘Download’ button
    • If you have macOS, go to the macOS section and hit on relevant ‘Download’ button
  • TomTom Home download will start, and the file will be saved in the Downloads folder

Is your TomTom One Updating? >> Get TomTom Updates Now

This section is for you if TomTom One updating is an issue in your life. TomTom updates are released for TomTom One XL GPS via the TomTom HOME application on your computer. These TomTomOne updates patch the app on your GPS to improve performance and add features. TomTom Home software can also be used for getting TomTom map updates and TomTom N14644 updates. So stop wondering ‘how do I update my TomTom maps for free?’ and use the following steps to update TomTom GPS:tomtom home download

  • Connect the TomTom One XL through a USB
  • Open the TomTom Home app on the system
    • In case you don’t have it installed, download TomTom using the previous section.
  • For creating a backup, hit on ‘Back Up & Restore’ and then select ‘Back Up My Device’
  • Hit on ‘Back Up Now’ to create One XL backup
  • Hit on ‘Done’
  • For checking TomTomOne updates, hit on ‘Update My Device’
  • If available, an update will be listed
  • Choose it and hit on ‘Download Updates’
  • After the update is downloaded and installed, hit on ‘Done’
  • Go to the ‘Device’ menu to select ‘Disconnect Device’
  • Exit TomTom Home and remove the One XL.

In addition, the same steps can be used to get TomTom N14644 updates.

How to Update a TomTom GPS?

TomTom GPS shows your exact location while offering turn-by-turn driving instructions. If you want to know how to update a TomTom GPS, you have arrived at the right place. TomTom GPS updates are rolled out periodically for updating road changes and fixing bugs. If you are wondering, ‘how do I update my TomTom maps for free?’, follow these steps to update TomTom GPS:tomtom gps update

  • Open the TomTom Home from your Start menu (Windows) and Applications folder (Mac)
  • Connect the device to the system
  • From the top of the screen, hit on ‘Update my device’
    • An online server will be used to check for TomTom map updates
  • A list of TomTom GPS updates will appear
  • Hit on ‘Update & Install’
  • Complete the process to install updated TomTom nav systems
  • Go to the ‘Device’ menu to select ‘Disconnect Device’
  • Exit TomTom Home and remove the device.

TomTom GPS Updates via MyDrive Connect

You can also update your TomTom GPS via the MyDrive Connect application. For this purpose, you can follow the guidelines given below carefully. In case of any trouble, just contact the official TomTom support. Alternatively, use the following steps:

  1. By using a USB cable, connect your PC to the TomTom device. Now, turn on the TomTom GPS.
  2. After doing so, wait for some time until the MyDrive Connect app opens upon recognizing your system.
  3. Log in to the MyDrive Connect application by providing the correct email address & password into the given fields.
  4. Press the “Update” button given under the “My updates & new items” option. MyDrive Connect will download & install the new software updates on the TomTom GPS device.
  5. Now, wait until the installation process does not compete. The new software updates have been installed automatically, closing the installation window.
  6. At last, disconnect the TomTom device from your PC.

TomTom Support Numbers – Official

update tomtom gps

This section is extremely helpful if you are searching for the official or verified TomTom support number. In this guide, we have provided some direct & authorized TomTom helpline numbers and chat support. By using the TomTom number and links listed here, you can connect with TomTom customer care immediately. However, we have mentioned this TomTom phone support number and links as per the resources available on the internet. But the contact information and TomTom support number can be changed by its actual OEMs anytime without any notification. So, it is necessary to check this contact information by yourself before using them.

TomTom Customer Service Number 1800 123 4123
TomTom Support Link
TomTom Chat Support TomTom Official Chat Service

How to Export a Driving Direction Route to TomTom

With the help of TomTom route planner, you can easily export your driving direction route to your TomTom device. For this, you need to follow the instructions step-by-step mentioned below. Let’s have a look at these actions listed below to export a driving direction:

  1. Plan a route if the TomTom model supports the routes:

Click the ‘Send to Email’ option to send the TomTom route planner. In GPS files, you will have to change the option ‘Do not attach GPS data’ to the ‘TomTom (.itn)’ option.

  1. Save the routes to the TomTom route planner:
  • Firstly, connect the TomTom device to your PC and launch your internet browser.
  • After doing this, your system will display the “My Computer” as a removable driver.
  • Now, download the (.itn) extension file you got in your mail and leave it or save it on your PC. Then, launch the (.itn) file below the removable driver.
  • After that, drag & drop the itinerary file from ‘MyRouteOnline’ into its folder. Then, at last, safely delete your system from your PC.
  1. Open your TomTom device and watch the route plan.

Begin the TomTom device and locate the ‘Itinerary planning’ given under the ‘Main menu’ option. After doing this, press the “Load Itinerary” option.

  1. Utilize TomTom as a route planner with your imported route:
  • Select the route and press the ‘Find’ option, the itinerary will show on the window, and when you press the “Done” option, you will be asked to navigate to your first destination.
  • Here, you need to remember that if you previously have an itinerary in TomTom nav systems, press the “Load itinerary” option and then hit ‘Yes’ when asked.
  • After doing this, select ‘Which of the itineraries for navigating to’ and press the “Find” option.

This is how to export the driving direction route to your TomTom device. The process is quite simple and easy to understand. Perform these instructions very carefully so that you can complete this task without any hassle.

tomtom navigation update

How to Delete TomTom data

If you want to delete your RoadTrips or MyDrive data, you can do it with ease by following the instructions provided below:

  1. Locate the “MyDrive” section and press the “Settings” option.
  2. After that, press the “MyDrive” option.
  3. In case you’re not previously signed in with your TomTom account, then sign in
  4. Finally, press the “Clear Data” option.

How to Troubleshoot the TomTom GPS device Freeze Problem

While using your TomTom GPS device, if you’re facing some troubles or issues, these troubleshooting steps will guide you properly in order to troubleshoot all your issues. But, first, you need to understand what the problem is and how you can fix it without any hassle. So, follow all these methods very carefully & thoroughly and try to fix your problems.

The older version of the MyDrive Connect program might create this issue. To overcome this problem, set up the latest model of MyDrive and connect to your computer. The following method will help you properly to do this task.

Stick to the mentioned-below instructions to setup MyDrive connect:

  • Power on the TomTom GPS device and connect to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Download it and then put in the MyDrive connect software and press on handle your system.
  • Delete all files and don’t duplicate any files that are deleted.
  • Register your TomTom GPS with MyDrive Connect application and update the firmware of the system also.

Resolve Black & White Maps Problem

If you’re getting maps in white & black, it means you are not getting signals from the satellite. Some things might block the signals.

tomtom mydrive

  • In case you’re sitting inside your home, select your TomTom GPS out so it can concentrate with a noticeable field of sight into the satellite.
  • After doing all these things, keep your TomTom GPS device out for a few minutes.
  • Ensure that the device is fired up while you get signs from the satellite.
  • In case it is perhaps not getting signs, reboot the GPS device and try once again.

If you are stuck anywhere while implementing this troubleshooting method, then feel free to take help from the official TomTom support.

How to Troubleshoot MyDrive Connect error message

When the program has any issue, then MyDrive Connect apps execute an error notification. However, the application may not show the notification about the issue in some way. One of the reasons behind this issue might be an older firmware.

  • A soft reset can fix this problem efficiently.
  • Click the power button and hold it for a few seconds until a sound from the TomTom device generates.
  • A prompt will probably display on the screen with guidelines to reset the system.

TomTom Support from Us

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TomTom is usually known for planning the most unique and finest route & mapping items. In addition, it develops imaginative items that empower consumers. Their programming and products are recorded in four classifications, specifically telematics, client, authorizing, and car. You can read this article to resolve all your TomTom issues. If you need additional help, you can also call the phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will connect your call to an independent third party TomTom email support where representatives are always available to help TomTom users.